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The Physics School is in mourning.

It is with the greatest sadness that we learnt that Mrs Cécile DeWitt-Morette, founder of the Les Houches School of Physics and emeritus Professor at the University of Austin, Texas, passed away on May 8th, 2017.
In the early 50’s, thanks to her energy, courage, and vision, Cécile has very quickly created a unique and internationally renowned meeting place for physics. In bringing together the great physics masters and successive generations of young researchers in a spectacular and stimulating location, the Physics school has strongly contributed to the development of the French, European and International Physics.
The numerous Nobel laureates who have studied or taught in Les Houches are joining all students from around the world and the school permanent staff to express our deepest condolences to Cecile’s family as well as our deep recognition for her achievements.

May 9th, 2017,
The Les Houches Physics School


Fully renovated main building reopens mid-February!
More comfortable and much warmer amphitheatre, new video equipement, large modular space for poster sessions, more space for discussions, new coffee/tea hotspots, etc. Now waiting for the snow!
New "Jacassiere" building

Video : graphene in Les Houches (Janvier 2016)

The joys of summer, éditorial dans Nature Physics

Video: Freeman Dyson, about Les Houches in the 50's

: Science, it's our thing filmed in les Houches


Recent Lecture Notes at Oxford University Press

Currently at the school

  • Quantum dynamics and spectroscopy of functional molecular materials and biological photosystems 
    The goal of this session is to bring together a group of leading spectroscopists and theorists, to address the most recent progress and objectives in the study of energy and charge transfer in biomolecular systems and functional materials. A guiding theme is the matching between spectroscopic variables and quantum simulations, for various time-resolved spectroscopies including novel two-dimensional electronic-vibrational schemes as well as single-molecule and femtosecond X-ray transient techniques.
    Session organized by:Irene Burghardt, Goethe University, Frankfurt, AllemagneJeffrey A. [+]

Pictures from Les Houches

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