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Fully renovated main building reopens mid-February!
More comfortable and much warmer amphitheatre, new video equipement, large modular space for poster sessions, more space for discussions, new coffee/tea hotspots, etc. Now waiting for the snow!
New "Jacassiere" building

Video : graphene in Les Houches (Janvier 2016)

The joys of summer, éditorial dans Nature Physics

Video: Freeman Dyson, about Les Houches in the 50's

: Science, it's our thing filmed in les Houches


Recent Lecture Notes at Oxford University Press

Currently at the school

  • Neuroimaging - from molecules to networks 
    Our vision of how the brain works is constantly evolving through progress of applied physics and mathematics that explore neural activity: molecular imaging of synaptic function, neuroendocrine modulation, cell survival and cellular interactions, mapping of brain functions and description of neuronal networks and plasticity. Conversely, the fascinating way in which the nervous system treats complex information inspires new mathematics approaches such as neural networks and merging physics approaches with genetics opens the capacity of unprecedented behavioral control. Comprehensive training of neuroscientists into these new tools and concepts has become essential.
    Session organized by:Bertrand Tavitian, INSERM, Paris, FranceMichal Neeman, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, IsraelVasilis Ntziachristos, Helmholtz Institute, Munich, GermanyFor more information, please check the session's website. [+]

Pictures from Les Houches

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Date of update February 14, 2017